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The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office works to improve the standard of CPD provision across all industry sectors. It forms part of the Professional Development Consortium (PDC), respected by regulators, professional bodies and trade associations for its work with organisations undertaking research and accreditation services. Organisations accredited by the Office are identified as offering a high level of positive learning opportunities, and as working with the CPD Standards community to raise skills, knowledge and education. The Office assesses training courses, events, digital and online learning provided by organisations as well as individual coaches and speakers. With a rich history of working with private, public and voluntary sectors, the CPD Standards Office is unique in delivering research based CPD accreditation. It is overseen by an Expert Advisory Board comprising CPD experts, academics, employers and professional bodies to ensure its assessment processes are mandated against current legislation and regulations. It has accredited thousands of CPD training activities, delivered in all corners of the globe, and has providers spanning all continents and across 20 countries. For more information visit

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